Three Horror Games You Need to Play

For horror enthusiasts, many games coming out these days just don’t make the cut. Many horror game players are tired of the same plot lines and scare tactics being used against them time and time again. Enthusiasts have pretty much seen it all at this point; every good horror movie or game out there has been watched or played plenty of times. So what would grab a horror players interests time and time again? Interesting plot lines, interactive game play, story mode puzzles, and all new heart pumping scares is what. Horror titles that offer the same old hack and slash story lines don’t retain a player’s interest for longer than one initial game play though. There are, however three titles out there that are bound to keep a players interest for longer than the first game in the series and will keep the player looking for the next game. These titles bring the heart stopping scares that horror and adrenaline junkies alike are bound to enjoy for many more titles to come.

Fatal Fame

Fatal Frame Will Give You Nightmare.. And You'll Love It
Fatal Frame Will Give You A Nightmare.. And You’ll Love It
With 4 titles currently available and one in the works, Fatal Frame offers a unique game play experience on three different platforms that gamers are bound to love. Using a first and third person perspective the game revolves around the use of the camera obscura as the players only means of defense against the spirits that haunt the area of interest. Different types of film are available and deliver different amounts of damage. Unlike most horror games the camera is your main means of defense at all times. Upgrades to the camera are made available through the use of “spirit orbs” Which only become available when you defeat an enemy spirit. Other upgrades are available by finding additional shutters and lenses that may stun or push back a spirit when you take their picture. Enemies in the game are defeated when you completely absorb them into your roll of film. Ghosts battles are random, and often use the pop up scare tactics to throw players for a loop. In addition to random ghosts battles players may need to solve puzzles and take pictures of special objects to unlock certain areas. Fatal Fame is guaranteed to deliver a unique game play experience to all who dare to play.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill Is A Great Game If You Like Terror
Silent Hill Is A Great Game If You Like Terror
Silent Hill currently boasts a whopping ten games in the collection, each more terrifying then the last. Each game offers a different method of game play ranging from defeating enemies with firearms, to using hand to hand combat, and even not being able to attack your enemies at all and having to simply avoid them at all costs. This game features a low level of visibility making it easy for enemies to be hiding around every corner, even with this low visibility the game still forces players to quickly solve puzzles in order to advance to other areas. There is a wide range of enemies in the game, which range from dogs to pyramid head. Each enemy requires different tactics to defeat. The Silent Hill games rely heavily on the psychological horror factor to really drive the fear home. And in the ten titles it offers, it’s sure to do so.

Dead Space

While Dead Space may at first sound like your typical zombie game I can assure you it has much more to offer than that. The game play involves the player exploring a ship where some type of tragedy has happened, the tragedy still being largely unknown to the powers that are sending you into said ship. While the enemies, known as necromorphs, may look like your typical zombie, it will take more than just a shot in the head to kill them. These enemies will need all of their limbs removed before they will stop coming after you. Dead Space also uses a non-traditional method of relaying information to the player. Instead of having a player start menu the stats of the player are relayed through holographic images that the character in the game can also see. 3-D maps and ammo count are also displayed with holographic images, however because this is how information is relayed it is done in the games “real time”. This means that while a player is accessing this information an enemy can still attack them.