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Free to Play Games Worth Your Time

So you recently purchased a new PC, video game console, or smartphone, but you spent so much money on the hardware, you don’t have any more money for a new game to play on it? Free to play games have seen a recent boom in success in recent years, due to the fact that a lot of companies are now doing digital distribution. From the App Stores on Android and iOS, to Steam and Origin on the PC, the choices for free to play games are quite endless. We were always taught from a young age that you get what you play for, and free things usually mean that they aren’t always good. Thankfully, that has changed, and these are a few free to play games are actually worth your time. Defense of the Ancients 2 & League of Legends First on this list are probably two of the biggest games on the PC to […]

Three Horror Games You Need to Play

For horror enthusiasts, many games coming out these days just don’t make the cut. Many horror game players are tired of the same plot lines and scare tactics being used against them time and time again. Enthusiasts have pretty much seen it all at this point; every good horror movie or game out there has been watched or played plenty of times. So what would grab a horror players interests time and time again? Interesting plot lines, interactive game play, story mode puzzles, and all new heart pumping scares is what. Horror titles that offer the same old hack and slash story lines don’t retain a player’s interest for longer than one initial game play though. There are, however three titles out there that are bound to keep a players interest for longer than the first game in the series and will keep the player looking for the next game. These titles bring the heart […]

How Steam Can Save You Money On Gaming

Anybody who enjoys their video games can tell you that things can get really expensive really fast. Depending on what they play and how they play it, the average price of a single video game ranges from $20 to $70. It’s a bitter pill for gamers to swallow, but many do it for the sake of becoming a hero in their fictional, digital realms. Fortunately for PC gamers, those high price tags can be less of an issue if they use Steam, a video game distributing platform that not only streamlines the purchasing process, but helps gamers keep their wallets fat. Sales and Deals Everywhere The easiest thing to notice when browsing through the Steam store are the deals that are being offered. There are always sales going on, especially over holidays, and Steam is quick to show you just how much you’re saving by listing the old price, the new price, and the percentage […]