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How Should You Craft Your First Message to a Prospective Date Online?

In this era of online dating, there are too many potential dates for you to choose from. Women and men from all around the world with different personalities and hobbies, as well as different things they’re looking for in a partner. If you are lucky enough to find someone you’re interested in, you find yourself facing another hurdle. How should you craft a good message to respond to someone’s profile page? How should you write a message that will interest your potential partner, and not cause them to lump your message in with the rest of the other sleazy ones he or she receives? We have a few tips for you. However, let us be clear. This article is more suited for those looking for a long-time romantic relationship with someone they’re interested in online, and not for those of you who are just looking for a causal hook-up. Read Their Entire Profile and Understand […]

When Your Online Sales Become a Business

Selling things online is a pastime that many everyday people partake in. Maybe a deceased relative has a stash of designer purses you have no use for, or you decide to clean out your extensive shoe collection. Whatever the reason, selling items online is a common practice that even the most un-tech savvy person can figure out how to do. Online auction sites like eBay have been around for so long now that it’s a household name. However, once you start selling online, you may find that you enjoy it. On top of that, if it’s started to generate a substantial income, then you’ve got yourself a business. Here are three tips about how to transition from a hobbyist to an eCommerce entrepreneur. Signs Your Hobby Has Become a Business You might be stuck on the fence about whether or not your online selling activities are frequent enough to be considered a business. The best […]