Creating Your Virtual Portfolio

When you apply to most companies, they probably request that you send them your resume. While this is something that you definitely want to do if they request it, you can also better your chances of getting noticed by linking your potential employer to your virtual portfolio. A virtual portfolio is a great way to tell employers about who you are, and what you’re capable of. It gives employers the ability to get to know you by more than just words on a page. If you do this successfully, it can be what tips the scale in your favor between you and other candidates.

More Than Just a Resume

 Your Virtual Portfolio Is A Must
Your Virtual Portfolio Is A Must
Your virtual portfolio should still include your resume. If you sent you typical resume to the company for review, you can supplement your virtual portfolio with different types of resumes. Show creativity and depth. Make supplemental resume interactive. Show your potential employer how crafty you are with a computer and different software. Almost anyone can type a resume using word processing software, but not everyone is a graphic artist. If you have these types of skills, show them off to your employer.

You can also use your virtual portfolio to better introduce yourself to employers. Create a small video using YouTube, Instagram, or some other social media site and say hello. Introduce yourself via the video. Make sure you keep it completely professional. You should look as though you are about to go on an interview. Your background should be a solid color, or a professional setting like an office (make sure the office is clean!). You might want to record yourself several times just to make sure that you have the video recorded perfectly. You don’t want to leave room for error.

Show Proof of Your Skills and Experience

When most companies ask you about your experience, they require that you list some of the things that you have accomplished. Sometimes there’s not enough room on an application to provide all of this, so you have to decide which items are more important and/or relevant. With your virtual portfolio, you can list all of you experience, as well as show proof of your work. Use your virtual portfolio to attach things like policies you created, or presentations that you’ve given. Your virtual portfolio is your own space, so feel free to list as much as you want.

If you’ve ever had anything published, make sure you attach that to your virtual portfolio as well. Things like college essays or research papers can also be attached. Your goal is to show potential employers how versatile you can are. Don’t worry about making it seem like you’re bragging. Remember, you already sent them your resume. Your portfolio is something different that they have an option to click on if they’re interested. Besides, these are your accomplishments. It’s OK to brag about them a little bit.

A virtual portfolio can help convince potential employers that you are definitely the right person for the job. But it’s not something that you should rush through. Take your time when creating your virtual portfolio. Employers should be able to tell that you put a lot of work into it, and didn’t just throw it together in a couple of hours. Don’t forget to search online for ideas of how you should format your virtual portfolio.