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How Steam Can Save You Money On Gaming

Anybody who enjoys their video games can tell you that things can get really expensive really fast. Depending on what they play and how they play it, the average price of a single video game ranges from $20 to $70. It’s a bitter pill for gamers to swallow, but many do it for the sake of becoming a hero in their fictional, digital realms. Fortunately for PC gamers, those high price tags can be less of an issue if they use Steam, a video game distributing platform that not only streamlines the purchasing process, but helps gamers keep their wallets fat. Sales and Deals Everywhere The easiest thing to notice when browsing through the Steam store are the deals that are being offered. There are always sales going on, especially over holidays, and Steam is quick to show you just how much you’re saving by listing the old price, the new price, and the percentage […]

Recycling Crafts That Will Save You Bundles

Whether you’re a parent or not, having some recycling crafts for a rainy day can be a life saver. As a parent, you know that it can cost a ton of money just to make your little munchkin happy. Buying them all of the toys that they want can cost, but it feels good to see their smiling face. Then they find the box. Suddenly they want to play in it and leave the goods to the wayside. That’s just the way kids are, they have a huge imagination and can care less how much something costs. Take advantage of this and get them some recycled material for them to live out their dreams and make beautiful artwork to keep around. The Box Boxes are a source of great entertainment for kids. Whether it’s a small box that they can put pretend mail in or a box that they can fit in, they love that […]

4 Facts about the Difference Between Federal and Private Student Loans

When you’re trying to finance your education, most students need to take out some kind of loan. This has been a necessary evil for years now, due to the fact that higher education has become expensive. It’s not impossible to go to college, though, as long as you’re careful about what kind of loan you take out. There are lots of instances where student loan companies will prey upon naive new college students, insisting that they sign on the dotted line in order to pay tuition. Never take this route. You should always explore all the options open to you, and understand what they entail. Here are four basic facts about the difference between federal and private student loans. Forbearance Forbearance is a courtesy extended to borrowers when you can’t pay your loan for a variety of reasons. The most common one is claiming financial hardship. Assuming the lender grants your request for forbearance, you […]